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Welcome to the Total Body Transformation Boot Camp! 
Call 210-900-2348(BFIT)Enroll today! Get a Jump Start On Your Summer body.

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4 week Program 
April 7th-May 2nd 
In 4 wks, YOU notice your body changes,
In 8 wks, your friends notice your body changes
In 12 wks, Everyone notices your new body!

Lose Fat! Get Lean!

ENROLL NOW to Get Fit!
(san antonio locations only)

the Body you want Now !!

Lose Fat now! Get Fit now!
Get Lean and Sexy now!

30-45min of Fat Burning!

Fit,Firm and Lean
ENROLL NOW to Get Fit!

Get the Body you want NOW !!

Call 210-900-2348(BFIT)

 Camper Testimonials 

Encourage,Educate, and Empower, these are the tools we use to get you energized and get results!  Total Body Transformation is about Motivation,Motivation, and just a little more Motivation. We won't get in your in face and yell at you, but we will ecourage you to maximize every effort. We adjust your form and technique so that you can get the most out of each repetition. We use a Personal Training approach in a group setting to help you be successful in reaching your fitness goals! You will lose weight , you will lose inches . Our High Intensity Interval Training will boost your metabolism and highly increase your physical stamina in a short amount of time.  As your self-confidence grows you will notice your mental stamina has increased as well Everyone can be a success at this camp, your age doesn't matter, your gender doesn't matter!, all fitness levels are welcome! Total Body TRANSFORMATION is for anyone!   Show up and give your best each day-It's that simple! Build Muscle-Burn Fat!!


 Frank's Story  
Frank Before



Frank's Transformation

Let the journey begin! 

Your path to optimum health begins with a commitment to take action!
Total Body Transformation next camp session begins...


"Well, of course I have enjoyed the results and I look forward to more results, but ultimately I feel great!! ..."


Frank After

Start of BootCamp
Body Fat %-25.2
44.1lbs of fat
130.9lbs of Lean Muscle
(after 2nd Bootcamp)
Body Fat %-20.2
33.7 lbs of fat
133.3 lbs of Lean Muscle
Loss 10.4lbs Fat/2.4lbs Muscle

Prepare for Success! 

Total Transformation is on a misssion! Buddy Boot Camps are just another way we help you reach your fitness goals and reaching optimum health!


Let us keep you up to date! Your health is important to you, that's why you visited our site. Your health is also important to us!


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Want Flat Abs? This FREE Report Gives You What Really Works

Enter your first name and email address below for instant access!

Total Body Transformation

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Total Body Transformation Fitness Boot Camps in San Antonio * Results are not typical. These results are only typical of our clients who followed the nutritional and exercise guidelines of the training program.

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